3 Amazing Facts About Alligators

Florida is home to many different species of animal, but none have garnered attention like the famous Florida gator orlando and other areas have. There are amazing places where you can get up close and personal to gators, learn about their lifespans, and see amazing sights. Let’s look at some interesting gator facts.

Alligators Cry

Yes, they do! Many people are surprised to learn that alligators can release tears and appear to be crying. You may have heard of the phrase “crocodile tears”, but this is actually referring to the reptiles’ ability to shed tears as a way to moisturize their eyes and keep them clean.

Sex Is Temperature Based

If you thought that the process of developing into a male or female is similar to the way humans do, then you’re incorrect – the real way is much more interesting. The temperature of the nest is what determines the sex of baby alligators: when it is warmer, more females will hatch; when it is colder, more males will hatch. When the temperature is ideal, an even number of males and females is produced.

Alligators Don’t Sweat

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Alligators do not have the ability to regulate the temperature of their bodies like humans do, so they have to lay in the sun to keep the body warm. Alligators don’t have sweat glands, so they stay cool by keeping their mouths open, finding a nice cool spot in the shade, or taking a dip in the water. They release any excess heat through their mouths, so you may be able to spot them on the side of the road with their mouths wide open when you visit the Sunshine State.

If you’re interested in learning more about alligators, consider visiting Florida and taking a look at the wildlife. You’ll be able to get the full Florida experience and possibly even see some gators in their natural habitat.