A Patron Saint Of Veterinary Work?

Saint Francis of Assisi was the patron saint of animals. Or should this statement be re-phrased to read otherwise as follows. Saint Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of Animals. Could it be wondered then just how many veterinary practitioners have been inspired by this legendary saint who loved the animals around him. The legend goes that the patron saint came to the rescue of all vulnerable animals in distress or trouble.

And rescued them. Now, some readers may be greedy for something a bit more on this juicy bone. But no, maybe they are inspired still. There is hope in deliverance. The thought that may have occurred to some readers may have been this. Just like so many other patron saints and prophets from the past, did this saint and his numerous followers perform any miracles. A good question perhaps, but smiling, veterinary clinic st paul vets could be nodding their heads in agreement.

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Indeed, miracles are required to rescue distressed animals brought literally off of the streets. Severe physical and emotional traumas would have occurred and the vet on duty would have to be pulling the strings of the ER operation from all directions just to make sure that everyone involved knows their station and that the animal survives. But not just survive, get better too. And because this may have been a street animal, finding it a decent home to stay at in the future.

Now, it could be argued that folks like these, those that take a rescued animal into their homes, are saints too, performing their own miracles. Perhaps they have seen it all so many times before, the clinic’s vets would be nodding their heads in agreement. Indeed, they are, miracle performers and saints too.