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If you’re a consistent tobacco user, there’s 1 item of equipment you can’t go without your bong. No matter if you prefer window, acrylic, or earthenware, your bong is essential for cooling down and filtering smoke cigarettes gravity bong before you decide to suck in.

But just like any other using tobacco adornment, bongs require regular cleansing in order to avoid build-up and be sure ideal functionality. Allow me to share four good reasons you should never forget to wash your bong.

Helps to keep the Flavor New

No-one loves the flavors of stale smoke cigarettes, plus a dirty bong is the quantity-one particular reason of off-placing tastes. When the resin and also other residue increase inside your bong, it may give a unpleasant style to the herb—regardless of methods great-top quality it could be. Cleaning your bong routinely will help ensure you always take pleasure in the true flavour of your own light up.

Eliminates Unwanted Organisms

Along with impacting flavour, deposits within your bong also can harbor hazardous harmful bacteria. When water sits in a bong for long periods, it gets the perfect breeding terrain for a variety of microbes—some of which can be bad for your wellbeing. Typical cleaning will assist stop the growth and development of germs while keeping your smoking practical experience as harmless as possible.

Maximizes Your Smokes Smoothness

Resin as well as other residues not merely have an impact on flavoring, nevertheless they also can make smoke cigarettes harsher and a lot more bothersome for the tonsils and lung area. Cleansing your bong routinely can help make certain that every struck is sleek and enjoyable. Hence, find out how to clean a bong.

Boosts Performance

A filthy bong is definitely an inefficient bong—plain and simple. Resin buildup can limit air flow making it hard to acquire a very good success from your pan. Be preserving your bong clear, you’ll ensure that every hit is powerful and fulfilling.


As any regular tobacco user is aware of, a bong is a vital machine. But what a lot of cigarette smokers don’t know is bongs demand standard cleaning to prevent build-up and sustain best efficiency. Listed below are four factors why you ought to remember to completely clean your bong: clean taste, risk-free smoking cigarettes, easy reaches, and improved productivity. So the very next time you reach for your preferred bit, require a min allow it a good scrub—your respiratory system will thanks!