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Will you own a gas mask bong? Do you want to obtain one? You’re really missing out in the event you don’t have a single! These exceptional cigarette smoking gadgets supply a smoking practical experience contrary to some other. There are actually, however, some misconceptions about the subject that must be debunked. In this blog report, we’ll take on the very best 5 gas mask bong beliefs and placed a conclusion in their mind for good.

Myth #01: gas mask bong Are Merely For Serious People who smoke

This is simply not true! Gas mask bongs might be liked by people who smoke of most levels, from first-timers to industry experts.

Fantasy #02: Gas Mask Bongs Are Difficult To Make Use Of

Once again, this really is untrue! Gas mask bongs are actually very simple to operate. In other words the gas cover up on, attach the bong on the gasoline mask, and light up!

Misconception #03: Gas Mask Bongs Are Dangerous

This belief might be perpetuated because fuel masks are normally connected with unsafe components. Nonetheless, gas mask bongs are perfectly safe to use provided that you follow the instructions.

Misconception #04: Gas Mask Bongs Gives You An Unsatisfactory Trip

Gas mask bongs will not likely supply you with a terrible vacation. When you have a poor journey while using a gas mask bong, it is likely because of the fact you are employing other medications together with using tobacco marijuana.

Misconception #05: Gas Mask Bongs Are Pricey

Gas mask bongs can range in value, but there are numerous affordable available options. You don’t ought to spend a lot of cash to savor this original smoking cigarettes expertise!


So there you may have it! The best five myths about gas mask bongs debunked. As you now understand the truth just go attempt 1 on your own! You won’t be frustrated.

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Pleased smoking cigarettes!